Bundled Products


Bundled Product is a combined product that consists of several products. A good example of a bundle product is a complete computer. Buying a computer you can choose a type of monitor and RAM capacity. 

Bundle Products are ideal for circumstances where the user may need to choose a number of configurable options.

Creating a Bundled Product
There are a few steps involved: 

1. Create or Edit Attribute Set

Сreate attributes/attribute set for a certain bundled product. To get detailed instructions on how to create an attribute set visit  Attribute Sets.

2. Create Simple Products

After creating attributes/attribute set, create simple products that will be a part of a bundled product. To do this you need to click on "Add Product" button or use a right mouse button click on products and then select "Add Product".

Create product settings

3. Make Magento Bundled Product

After creating all simple products, click on "Add Product" button or use a right mouse button click on products and then select "Add Product"

Create bundle product

4. Assign Simple Products to Magento Bundled Product

Bundled Product has one new tab - Bundle Items (see below).

Bundle Items tab

Bundled product consists of several combined items. You can select components of the bundled product from the existing products in your Store Manager for Magento

Create bundle product

5. Display Magento Bundled Product

Now Magento bundled product is visible in your store. Your customers will be able to choose items from the drop down and make a successful purchase in your store.


The following video tutorial introduces the ways of conversion simple items into the bundled ones:

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