4. Customers Management

fmCustomers - Customers Management  Section

This section allows for management of the configuration of your Store, at the Customer level.

Using this section of Store Manager, you may edit Customers, view customer's information, add new customers, and remove unwanted ones.

Use the Customers toolbar to perform basic operations, such as Add, Edit, and Deletion of customers.

Customers top toolbar

Or, using the Context Menu, you may perform many basic operations, such as:

Context menu of Customers section

1. 'Refresh data'forces a Customers list update. This is useful when you're changing your connection, or have doubts as to whether the data displayed is that most recently updated, and available.

2. 'Add customer'  ) displays a blank Edit Customer form, which is used to create new Customers.

3. To edit existing Customer data, double click on, or select the 'Edit customer' () button, which displays the Edit Customer form, for the Customer you've selected . Please see below for available options.

4. You may also delete Customers from your Store, via the delete option ( ). Be careful as you won't be able to undo a delete operation, except through the restoration of a (hopefully) recently performed database backup.


5. You can also import and/or export Customers to/from your Store, by launching the 'Import/Export' wizard. To do so, select the relevant button in the  toolbar, of the Customer's page.

You may also export Customer data to a separate, .xls formatted file, by selecting the 'Export to Excel' button.

To view which group(s) a particular (selected) Customer belongs to, choose the 'Customer Groups' tab choice.

In the 'Customer Groups Data' window. you will see the list of available groups. Using the toolbar, you may create a new group of Customers, edit existing Customers, or delete selected Customers.

You may export current Customer(s) reporting and account information to PeachTree, or QuickBooks accounting applications, from within Store Manager. 

Press the applicable button, in the toolbar, from the 'Manage Customers' page.


Check the following video tutorial to see how to perform the basic operations with customers via Store Manager's section:

Operate with customers datat in Store Manager

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